Re: FS layout docs
Date: 2007-12-28 11:09:19

On 2007-12-28, at 04:01, Jim Brain wrote:

>>> As for the FS, I think it should be supported, but I don't know  
>>> that it should be the only one supported.  I think FAT should be  
>>> supported as well, for folks who want to mount their CF and then  
>>> pick it up and pop it into their PC.
>>> However, beyond the use of IDE partition tables, I can;t find a  
>>> doc that explains the FS layout.  Without it, it will be very  
>>> hard to implement.
>> What would the doc(s) be called? Is it possible that there are CBM  
>> service docs with this info.  I am not sure what you mean exactly  
>> (machine code or schematics).
>> Bill
> I mean, on the ide64 website, I cannot find a document that  
> explains the IDE64 native filesystem format.

The old one - without partitions and other nice stuff:

The newer one:

>   I have downloaded the IDEDOS source code, but it could take quite  
> a bit of time to reverse engineer the FS format from the source.

When implementing the (older) fs for unixalikes I only used those  
docs. Didn't have to reveng it from the sources - it would of course  
be difficult in such case.

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