X-IDE and Power Cartridge

Date: 2007-12-27 21:14:57

Hallo allemaal,

I ran into a weird problem. I tried IDE3, the version were all freed space 
is moved to the end and the IDE routines were incorperated in the original 
routines, and things worked fine. That is, until I tried to use my Power 
Cartridge (PC). I know it worked without any problem with 1541LPT so I 
tried it on IDE1 and... things worked fine again. This simply means that PC 
relies on routines found in the Kernal. 

JiffyDOS (JD) works fine with 1541LPT as well, I even created a JD version 
for it. But I never disassembled the JD parts so I haven't any ide what 
parts it is calling. OTOH, not understanding the routines does not mean I 
cannot move them. But there is one important question: I'm sure PC relies 
on sending the 1541 a Turbo program, does JD the same? If not, I'm willing 
to drop PC compatibility. If it relies on memory programs as well, it means 
I cannot alter the location of any routine. 

The next question is, can I drop the one drive system? It will save some 
space but if it is shattered all over the ROM, IMHO it isn't worth the 

I think I'll go three ways:
- as planned before, unfortunately not PC compatible
- PC compatible
- JD version
But going three ways means extra work. At this very moment, being at home 
and thus a programmer, C64, drives etc. at hand, I prefer working on the PC 
version; if needed I always can turn it into the not-PC version and work 
with that one. 
When not at home, I can work on the JD version. One big luck, I don't have 
to start from scratch, I can start with the LPT version :)

Any comment or advice will be highly apreciated!

   / __|__
  / /  |_/     Groetjes, Ruud
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   \___|       http://Ruud.C64.org

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