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From: Jim Brain (
Date: 2007-12-20 16:21:19

Nicolas Welte wrote:
> This is correct. I was in contact with Rene Bruns before, and he is 
> somewhat obsessed with keyboard interfaces. His technical 
> understanding is somewhat limited, he keeps stating that C=key is 
> exactly the same as the PC=key from the IDE64 guys, even though they 
> use different microcontrollers.
Well, I guess it is the same, in as much as both units interface PS2 
keyboards to the 64/128.  However, buying the parts and shipping a 
prototype completed kit to a reviewer in Germany is not cheap, 
considering the HW.  I can do it, but I really want the first units to 
go to folks who can reflash them when folks find bugs.  Ideas?
> It seems he now wants a test sample to write a test report for his 
> magazine. But initially he intended to build such a keyboard interface 
> (and distribute it?), and was looking for help with this. But he has 
> no idea where to get the parts, how to program them, nothing :)
> BTW, I also tried to build the simple version of your (Jim's) 
> interface for C64 keyboard to DTV interfacing. I never could get it 
> working, but with a simple hardware change and another firmware based 
> on mmc2iec it finally works now :)
I saw that.  It's a bummer he (and you) could not get the original C=Key 
code working, but such is fine.  Shame on me for spending so much time 
on this project and not getting it done.


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