Date: 2007-12-18 14:49:07

On 2007-12-18, at 06:17, Jim Brain wrote:

>>   I should acquire the free edition of EAGLE.  I haven't used it  
>> for ages.
>> More often than not, my ideas come up when the only handy thing is  
>> a sheet
>> of paper and pencil. :)
> EAGLE has its quirks, to be sure, but the price is right, and it  
> seems most of the hobbyist crowd use it.

Not much of a surprise since there is practically no alternative in  
the pricing and licensing scheme. Not to mention that there is  
practically no alternative in *any* pricing and licensing scheme  
unless one wants to run Microsoft(c) Windows(tm)...

But even if I agree that EAGLE has its quirks, it eventually does a  
very good job once you learn it and its moods ;-)

P.S. I also know a couple of professionals who use it since the very  
early DOS versions and they designed for living that big'n ugly  
analogue TV sets' boards using it.

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