From: Jim Brain (
Date: 2007-12-15 05:38:53

David Wood wrote:
> That said, recreating the 1541 board sounds interesting.  Is your idea to
> implement an ide-only version?  If so that saves much design, as you won't
> need the analogue section.
Truly.  I laid out the essentials (6502, 256kB RAM, 64kB EPROM, 6522, 
X-IDE parts, '14, '06, a couple '138s for decoding, 2 IDE connectors and 
a CF connector, IEC, expansion port) on a board 4" by 2.1.  No wiring as 
yet, but it looks to all fit, if you put parts on both sides (or, I get 
very creative on layout).  It was just a few minutes work; I didn;t 
spend too much time on it.  Still, with the right firmware you could 
have a fully functioning computer on a board.


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