Re: IDE project - call for a summary (1541/8250/etc.)

From: Jeremy (
Date: 2007-12-14 02:08:09

Jim Brain wrote:
> wrote:
>> I would like all available boards, I'd love to try them out...please 
>> advise.
>> Bill
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> To add to my last statement, I do have a vested interest here.  
> Concerning the free boards, I would prefer those boards go to those who 
> are planning to write SW for the board (either in the 1541 or off the 
> expansion port or in the 8250)
> As for the at-cost boards, you can get as many as you want.
> How many exactly would you like?
> Jim

Sounds like a good idea to wait until some of the bugs are worked out.  I
I'll take a rain check until things settle down. Though I am quite interested 
in this piece of hw.

If you see how much email this project is getting on the list, this might be a

new Commie peripheral..


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