RE: 1541IDE and 1541IDE-S
Date: 2007-12-05 13:45:40


> > or can you etch some spare PCB's
> I haven't etched any PCB in the last 15 years. IMHO it would involve
> more work then the hack that I made in just under an hour.

Well, as long as you have fotos of _how_ to add this hardware into the drive, 
properly...? Or was everything just piggybacked, again :-)

> > Furthermore, I think you should directly dump the GCR sector data
> > (324 byte/sector) to the sectors of the HD,
> As Groepaz already mentioned, what is the advantage of copying a track
> sector for sector?

I have read your post saying that you were using "256 bytes of 512 bytes of 
each harddisk sector". Didn't you say this? So this sounded to me like every 
sector of the 1541 was mapped to a sector of the harddisk, wasn't it?
Certainly, you can dump 8192 GCR bytes from the 1541 directly to the harddisk, 
but then how'd you manage the harddisk-sector-allocation? To me, it seemed to 
be "natural" to dump each 1541 sector to each sector of the harddisk.

> this direction as well and my idea went even a step further: look for
> the start of sector 0 and then copy all the data you see during one
> revolution to the harddisk. 

How are you going to map this to several harddisk sectors, then?

> But as this idea didn't bring me closer to my own goal, I dropped it. So
> please feel free to do with it what ever you like.

Ruud, I tried to look at your webpage and download some of the stuff in the 
links, but it didn't work for me:\images\1541ide8.png

Seems like you have bad links, I tried to use

and it didn't work. Please fix your links and then I'll look at your code.


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