PAL-N crystal -- where?

From: Hársfalvi Levente (
Date: 2007-11-25 15:08:38

Hi guys!,

Last month, I bought a Drean Commodore 16 (...I'd been curious about its 
inners for ages, partly, because nobody, well, amongst the experts 
seemed to have one to find out its details). I've already figured out a 
couple of things about it, and also took some shots that you can find here:

I'll turn that page into a more complete DC-16 infopage later, as some 
details have been written to the forum (mentioned on the page) only. All 
in all, I started off building a PAL-N decoder box that is, well, about 
half finished (shows some signs of life, there are some details to be 
fixed and some other details to be built). But I'm currently stuck on a 
small detail, and/so here's the corresponding question: does someone 
possibly know of a (n available, for me...) source of PAL-N 
(3.582056MHz) crystals? :-)



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