Re: How to run CBM 700 cartridges? (revised)

From: Anders Carlsson (
Date: 2007-10-01 08:21:08


>> I have found a couple of CBM 700 cartridges, but I don't know how
>> to start them. When I insert them into a CBM 710, nothing happens
>> except for the Basic prompt.
> Which cartridges?  Some require diskette software.

They are labeled "DEMO" with various numbers. The one I dumped obviously is 
#39, but I also have a #38. It could be a serial number as well. Last year I 
mentioned Golden Line, of which there are plenty of cartridges. I think that 
was Datatronic's (or perhaps Commodore's own) last line of software, to 
conitnue where the Result programs had ended. Those cartridges most probably 
require additional software on disk, if I could ever find it in a pile of 
unsorted disks. But I thought at least these 16K cartridges labeled DEMO 
might be possible to run without loading more software.


Anders Carlsson

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