How to run CBM 700 cartridges?

From: Anders Carlsson (
Date: 2007-10-01 01:19:12

Hi again,

I have found a couple of CBM 700 cartridges, but I don't know how
to start them. When I insert them into a CBM 710, nothing happens
except for the Basic prompt.

After studying the memory map, I found that cartridges are mapped
into bank 15, either at $2000, $4000 or $6000. VICE also offers a
$1000 mapping, that the Commodore 500/600/700 Series User's Guide
refers to as a 4K Disk ROM for the 700 series disk upgrade.

I found out as much as the cartridges in question map into $4000,
and I have dumped them to file:

However, I tried to BANK 15:SYS 16384 but nothing happens. You
can try it in the VICE/xcbm2 emulator if you attach the two ROM
dumps to cartridge slots 4 (low) and 6 (hi).

I went as far as loading the ROM dumps into bank 0, but I just
get CPU jam (in VICE) when I try to execute the program.

Does anyone have any ideas how these cartridges should be run?
Perhaps they need disk software and the 16K cartridge only
contains supplemental data?

(Yes, I'm still working on the scanned and OCR:ed version of the
  above mentioned manual. It is rather thin, so I should spend some
  time to at least scan in the raw material)


Anders Carlsson

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