Re: PET/CBM-II keyboard interface?

From: Anders Carlsson (
Date: 2007-09-26 00:42:02

André Fachat wrote:

>> I understand that I have to deal with three different types of PET 
>> keyboards, but currently I have access to all three for testing.
> You mean the chicklet keyboard, graphics and business keyboards?

No, I was unclear. I mean the graphics and business PET keyboards,
plus the CBM-II keyboard (which strictly speaking is no PET, even
if Datatronic labeled the CBM 700 series as PET 700).

If I manage to build and get the mentioned video + keyboard interfaces
to work, there are even more loose PET motherboards to convert. Some of
them are known to be faulty though. If anyone is in need of spare parts,
don't hesistate to contact me personally. The same goes for anyone in
need of a dual full-height floppy drive (i.e. 3040, 4040, 8050), but I
must warn you that shipping from Sweden would be rather costly.


Anders Carlsson
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