Re: PET/CBM-II keyboard interface?

From: Jim Brain (
Date: 2007-09-25 16:41:33

Anders Carlsson wrote:
> Certainly I will be able to replace the dead motherboard in the CBM 
> 710 for a working one and get a complete unit with both monitor and 
> keyboard. But assuming that I can build some video adapter - perhaps 
> Nicolas Welte's one or one of the older ones like Nick Hampshire's or 
> the UK PET Users Group - I would like to come across some ideas how to 
> use a micro controller to create a keyboard interface/adapter.
> I haven't researched the topic too well, and my electronics skills are 
> quite limited, but I understand it is not completely unheard of. There 
> exists some projects to connect an AT or PS/2 keyboard to a C64 (or 
> vice versa), and I saw something about a C128 keyboard too. I 
> understand that I have to deal with three different types of PET 
> keyboards, but currently I have access to all three for testing.
C=Key will do this.  it doesn't have a PET mapping per se, but the 
codebase can easily be adapted.    I haven't updated the web site with 
newer info, but the SVN repo is up to date with the newest code.

However, if you want to roll your own, the two pieces you need are the 
crosspoint switch and the uC.  I'd have to check the KB matrix for the 
PET, but I would assume a 12x8 would work fine.  Then, it's just a 
matter of deciding what the source KB would be (C=Key converts PS2 codes 
to VIC/64/128, but it also has a KB scanner in the code.  Thus, you 
could scan  a different KB matrix instead of using PS2 codes)


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