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> For anyone who may have missed Bil Herd's live interview, you can read a
> chatlog or download a recording of the audio at ... 
> Just select Episode #209 from the "Downloads" section.
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<copy of interview notes.>
#209 - 09/12/2007 - total running time 138:01
1:01 - intro (we're all here today)
1:34 - former Commodore engineer Bil Herd is our guest tonight, vintage
computer festival, kernal?
3:09 - Bil background in electronics repair, strange mix of people at Commodore
8:30 - the infamous yearly CES event, once Bil didn't leave the office for 11
days straight!
11:00 - Bil was constantly battling middle management at Commodore, hole
punching stories
17:30 - throwing coffee at the early morning pranksters, Bil worked on the
C128, C+4 and the never released LCD computer
24:00 - the C128 feature list was quite extensive, Jack Tramiel made some bad
mistakes but was a very capable leader
26:10 - the C128 had 3 modes of operation (128, C64 and CPM), working all night
to get things done, C64 compatibility was important
34:30 - the Commodore LCD was one of the first true laptop designs, working
with incompetent management
40:30 - Bil's thoughts on Brian Bagnalls Commodore book, Chuck Peddle and his
team were PC pioneers
43:30 - Commodore is often forgotten as the early PC leader, early Apple
49:00 - bringing fake guns into meetings with management, knife throwing ranges
in conference rooms, idiot QA managers
53:10 - failing the printer "drop test", post Commodore projects, what kind of
computers Bil uses these days
60:00 - Bil is running Ubuntu on one of his desktops and likes the Debian based
systems, other open source software he uses
61:40 - how closed was software back in the Commodore days?, never exposed to
the Silicon Valley scene
65:00 - Bil only worked a little bit with the Amiga, marketing was abysmal at
Commodore, horrible advertisements
69:00 - Commodore had a version of Unix for a while, toughest technical
challenge at Commodore
79:00 - Bil stop drinking in 1990, worked as an emergency medic for a number of
years, Bil runs an ISP business these days
86:10 - M$ and Apple have advanced technology the last 20 years, companies need
to be less evil and greedy
88:10 - Dan updates us on his x264 and libav questions, ffmpeg released under
the LGPL
92:30 - ITCrowd (S2E3) tackles video piracy, Mexico says no to OOXML, Miguel's
controversial comments recently
99:30 - Linc is our target man for hate mail, Bil talks about his stance
regarding DRM
104:50 - "Miguel has drunk the Kool-Aid", JZA checks in regarding Mexico's no
vote on OOXML, OpenOffice conference in Barcelona next week
131:10 - wrapup (Ontario Linux Fest coming up on October 13, Mepis podcast,
Ohio Linux Fest preview next week)

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