Re: Checking syntax for 1541 and more...

From: Jim Brain (
Date: 2007-09-04 05:35:54

André Fachat wrote:
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>> Von: Jim Brain <>
>> My project is in Subversion if desired, but I believe you're trying to 
>> code up a FS in 6502.  I decided to just implement something in C for a 
>> uCOntroller, but the codebase may be helpful nonetheless.
> If I'd do it again (which I actually planned :)
> I 'd do it in C, using cc65...
> André
I don't mean to belittle those proficient in ASM, of course, but I am 
only so-so, and I was more interested in the FAT stuff than the code per se.

If someone does play with the code, I'm always interested in updates.  
If someone wants to help with the uIEC codebase proper, commit privs can 
be arranged.


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