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Date: 2007-08-29 18:07:03 wrote:
> Hallo Marko,
>> Then it wouldn't hurt either to use an existing file system ...
> That is why I asked in a previous email if anyone has experience with
> implemmenting a known FS in a self built suystem.
I apologize, I missed the earlier email.  I have experience with 
FAT16/32 and the VFAT stuff. 

>> However, you'd have to use all 16 bits of the interface instead
>> of just 8 bits.
> You mention something I haven't realised at all. But it is not the size
> of the interface that matters but the size of the sector: 512 bytes
> instead of the 256 bytes I use now. I already found out that (all ???)
> CF cards support 8 bits interfaces ie. I was able to read a XP formatted
> card, all 512 bytes of a sector. It is just a matter of giving the right
> command to the card. I also tried to give the same command to some HD's
> I have but they unfortunately don't support this command :(
I went the route of using two ports to do the 16 bit interface, as you 
can then use CF cards (in their IDE mode) and IDE drives. 

I agree with Marko, implementing FAT is the way to go, and what I am 
trying to do (Motivation is always a factor, as are the kids, but you 
get the idea)

I would love for some group of people to work in parallel on FAT/VFAT, 
not at the DOS FS level, but at the level of mapping CBM constructs into 
FAT/VFAT.  Namely:

P00 and S00 files hail from DOS days.  VFAT has long file names.   Now, 
we could do "myprog.bin.prg" for PRG files, and "mydata.dat.seq", 
defaulting to PRG for files without a recognizable type.  Sure, P00 and 
S00 and the rest should be supported, but what is the future state?  
Also, What about REL files, etc.?

My project is in Subversion if desired, but I believe you're trying to 
code up a FS in 6502.  I decided to just implement something in C for a 
uCOntroller, but the codebase may be helpful nonetheless.


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