Re: Looking for Nicolas Welte

From: David Wood (
Date: 2007-07-10 22:19:30


I'd like to suggest a Happauge or Pinnacle TV card.  Any card that does not
use hardware video compression that is.

These cards have good quality video capture, and display on your PC screen
live, accepting almost every analogue TV format out there.

Get one while analogue TV is still around.  When it dies, I imagine it will
become difficult to get capture cards with appropriate inputs. ;-)


On Tue, 10 Jul 2007, Wolfgang Moser wrote:

> Hello list,
> Nicolas Welte wrote:
> > I'm alive and it's good to see you can't hide nowadays anymore :)
> >
> > I only wonder by which name Whitewolf had contact with me?
> >
> > Marko: I followed your emails and appreciate your efforts, but can't
> > help much at the moment. Of course, whenever possible, I will flash
> > the new firmware and give it a test. The other person who can do
> > tests is Womo, who already got a kit from me immediately after I had
> > the PCBs.
> well, I'm a bit overloaded currently due to several
> critical job related issues. The situation regarding
> the C2N232i is as following:
>     * I got the PCB and all parts from Nicolas
>     * The device is not assembled yet
>     * I recently updated my AVR-GCC toolchain to GCC 4.2
>     * Using a real C64 is difficult, I've got no monitor
>       anymore and would have to look out for an old TV
>     * low-level RS232 tools like RawTerminal would need
>       a re-installation
> Which tests are required to get an impression, if the
> port is working as expected?
> Womo
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