Re: Secret Weapons of Commodore 13th edition

From: Cameron Kaiser (
Date: 2007-07-02 14:47:53

> I separated the quote here. Is it really clear that in the following he
> meant the SuperPET or not 'just another' PET board version?
> > There is also the late version of the
> > 8096 board with 128 K onboard RAM as used in the 8096SK and
> > 8296SK models. The memory maping was like the 8096 with the 64K
> > board but unlike the 64K of the 6809 board. I don't know any
> > Addition (like LOS-96) that used the additional 32K - the access
> > was very - uh - lets say not so easy :) (BTW: there are also
> > some units known whee this board resides inside a betal 8032/8096
> > case and the unit is named 8096).
> The rest is entirely clear if you relate it to the 8x96 models only.

If you know this to be true for the 8096s, I'll alter the text to apply to
them instead.

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