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Date: 2007-07-02 06:22:04

> many thanks for putting this together!

*tips hat*

> I have a question on the SuperPET. Where there really SuperPETs with 128k
> RAM? In fact the SuperPET RAM expansion is entirely incompatible to the
> 8x96 RAM expansion. So I wonder what it is about with the "MMF9000" boxes
> that are "really just 8096s with extra RAM".

This comes from Hans Franke (you made me search the archives for a bit, so
I made sure the attribution was clearly marked so I can remember in future :).
Here's the quote from his mail:

"Throughout possible that commodore had several PCB layouts for
the MMF - I don't know. There is also the late version of the
8096 board with 128 K onboard RAM as used in the 8096SK and
8296SK models. The memory maping was like the 8096 with the 64K
board but unlike the 64K of the 6809 board. I don't know any
Addition (like LOS-96) that used the additional 32K - the access
was very - uh - lets say not so easy :) (BTW: there are also
some units known whee this board resides inside a betal 8032/8096
case and the unit is named 8096).

"I think Commodore did the best they could do to confuse collectors :)"

> Did you get any comments on the 6702?

Nope :(

I don't think anyone knows much about it anymore.

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