Re: SX-64 Service manual

From: matt (
Date: 2007-06-12 09:44:31

have you tryed
? pdf viewer for linux?
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> On Sat, 9 Jun 2007 wrote:
>> On 2007-06-09, at 06:21, William Levak wrote:
>>>>> Finally got around to downloading this, that is, going to someone with 
>>>>> a faster connection than I have so I could download it in a reasonable 
>>>>> time.
>>>>> Didn't do any good.  Nothing I have will read the file.
>>>> Every PDF reader should be able to read it. I assume you did unzip the 
>>>> file, right?
>>> Oh, it reads it all right.  It just can't do anything with it, like 
>>> display it or print it.  Ghostscript says it's not compatible and hangs 
>>> up trying to load it.
>> Hm, strange. OTOH Windows apps often do something "across" standards so 
>> it might be the case that some GS versions don't like the file but I 
>> recall opening it properly also on GNU/Linux, where GS was the engine.
>>> It did say that it consisted of 29 pages.  20 M for 29 pages!!
>> Right. I discussed already with the author of this file about the methods 
>> to improve efficiency of this publication but of course everyone has to 
>> find the time to do something for non-profit. Knowing how many problems I 
>> have finding time, I can't blame anybody else. I can be only grateful 
>> that somebody was able to do something at all.
> I can extract the images to .ppm  with XPDF.
> The first page is 6592 x 5173 x 24 bit, file size 102,301,265.
> I can't find anything to open this file.  I run out of memory.
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