Re: SX-64 Service manual
Date: 2007-06-09 13:35:35

On 2007-06-09, at 06:21, William Levak wrote:

>>> Finally got around to downloading this, that is, going to someone  
>>> with a faster connection than I have so I could download it in a  
>>> reasonable time.
>>> Didn't do any good.  Nothing I have will read the file.
>> Every PDF reader should be able to read it. I assume you did unzip  
>> the file, right?
> Oh, it reads it all right.  It just can't do anything with it, like  
> display it or print it.  Ghostscript says it's not compatible and  
> hangs up trying to load it.

Hm, strange. OTOH Windows apps often do something "across" standards  
so it might be the case that some GS versions don't like the file but  
I recall opening it properly also on GNU/Linux, where GS was the engine.

> It did say that it consisted of 29 pages.  20 M for 29 pages!!

Right. I discussed already with the author of this file about the  
methods to improve efficiency of this publication but of course  
everyone has to find the time to do something for non-profit. Knowing  
how many problems I have finding time, I can't blame anybody else. I  
can be only grateful that somebody was able to do something at all.

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