Spam filters and mailing lists

From: MagerValp (
Date: 2007-04-12 13:37:00

As we're on the subject of spam and mailing lists, I'd like to say a
few things.

Please select a provider with good spam filtering servers. If you want
a good, free account with POP and webmail, I can recommend
It's out of beta, and invitation is no longer necessary.

Every time a spam filter misfires and decides to reject a mailing list
message, the bounce goes back to the mailing list maintainer (that'd
be me). One company in particular seems to have much crappier filters
than anyone else: (drumroll please :) They regularly block
legitimate mail, so if you're an aol user, I'd recommend switching to
another provider.

If your provider blocks using RBL, you're also losing a lot of
legitimate mail. RBLs that are used as part of a weighted filtering
system, such as spamassassin, work well, as any spaminess is
outweighed by the un-spaminess of the message content. RBLs that block
absolutely regularly bounce legitimate stuff (like CBM-hackers).

Spammers suck :/

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