Re: Changing email address

From: Anders Carlsson (
Date: 2007-04-11 09:49:48

Regarding spam, I have observed that if your provider subscribes to some 
good spam filters, the amount of garbage that comes through is very low. I 
have had this email address for 2-3 years and posted it on various forums, 
mailing lists, Usenet (!), general web pages etc. I get less than a fraction 
of the amount of spam and viruses I got with my old University address. It 
did not have the same degree of filtering, as students generally worship the 
uncensored word so much they rather get hundreds of spam messages each day 
than risk that one dodgy out of 1000 valid mails might be blocked.

Most of the spam and trojans I receive today are sent via some mailing list, 
in particular Yahoo ones, or on my secondary catch-all account (for mail 
sent to non-existing email addresses on my domain) which is set up with a 
lower spam threshold.

Anyway, I'm sure Peter could change the settings in the hypermail archive if 
many people find the somewhat obfuscated email addresses too much of a 

Anders Carlsson

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