Re: Commodore joystick ports

From: Jim Brain (
Date: 2007-04-07 19:45:23

I'm not sure I can shed light on whether the ideas presented work, but I 
know I tried the transistor idea and some others when I was trying to 
emulate the paddle and had no luck.

I resorted to the idea the 1351 mouse uses.  (H. Levente and others on 
the list actually did the legwork in the RS232 mouse interface discussed 
on the list in 2004 or so, I just refined it a bit)

The solution requires a small uController (TINY AVR or PIC of some 
vintage) and basically PWMs 5volts into the charge line, while watching 
the line for the clamp to 0 volts.  By adjusting the uController speed 
to match the 64 it is hooked to (my refinement), the I can get about 
3-255 on the SID register.


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