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Date: 2007-04-05 23:13:12

Not to mention some guy named Ted.  

The real crime here was the software later added top the Plus4 (with
subsequent price tag).  The system that has appeared from the past was
what you might call "virginal", it was untainted by bored upper-middle
management.  As far as the banking, it was just some crude latching of
data per an address decode, there is actually a story I tell about
moving wires while in the suite waiting on K-mart with the head of
International sales flipping out because someone took his reading
glasses and oh yeah Talking Magic Desk... all due to a mistake made
during PCB layout 

I can now recall Joe Cool as the reference to the code, I should be
seeing Terry Ryan who wrote Basic for TED in the next week, I will have
to see what he can remember.  It would probably cause a brain infarction
to try to remember some of the other names we called things back then.


Bil Herd

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Bil Herd wrote:
> The main changes between old and new would be I/O.  There would be the
banking that was later the software swapping for the Plus4 applications
(and Magic Desk, etc) 
Does anyone have more details on this?  As I loathed the built-ins on 
the +4, I never paid much attention to them, but the engineering side of

me wants to know what macgyverism was needed in this case to fulfill the

"reduce parts" directive.

I must say this archaeological "dig" has been very enlightening.  It has

all the choice pieces of a good novel:

distinct locations
mysterious origins
cryptic information
the sudden appearance of a long lost relative with much-needed
helpful friends with tools

I suppose it's missing the love interest, but there's still time...


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