Re: TED based motherboard

From: Grósz Attila (
Date: 2007-04-05 11:58:53

MagerValp <> írta:

> I think it'd be fairly easy to adapt a basic 3.5 rom so
that it'll run
> on this motherboard. The kernal expects a coldstart vector
at $8001
> and a warmstart vector at $8003.

Yes, it is easy. I did so already in an emulator. It boots
to MONITOR but that's due to the fact that the keyboard
latch is not the same as in the final version (what Bil
mentioned about the 6529B) and it detects the RUN/STOP key
as pressed.

So, Anders, you could possible burn yourself a production
BASIC ROM and try to boot the thing up. It ought to work :-)


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