Re: TED based motherboard

From: Michael Steil (
Date: 2007-04-04 01:38:10

ted-hihi.bin, $F7F0:
"V 1.00 JOE COOL 831028"

just in the middle of the traditional $AA/TAX fillers...



On Apr 3, 2007, at 3:02 PM, Anders Carlsson wrote:

> Hello again,
>> I would start with the EPROMs
> After express delivery (ordered on Wednesday, shipped from Canada on
> Thursday, arrived in Sweden on Tuesday!), I have now received my EPROM
> burner/reader.
> I have carefully removed the three EPROMs and read them one after
> eachother. The 2764:s seem to be fine, but I'm unsure if I managed
> to successfully read the AM27128. The reader software supports two
> versions, 21V Vpp or 12.7V Vpp. As long as I'm only reading, it should
> be the same voltage, but at one setting I only get $FF (empty chip)
> and at the other setting I'm getting some kind of consistent, if not
> so intelligent data.
> I haven't analyzed these dumps more than quickly comparing them to
> the ROM set in WinVICE xplus4, and found that at least a few text
> strings are the same, so they can't be completely mush.
> For those interested, you can download the archive here, and see if
> you can parse the raw data. Obviously the .bin files are without a
> loading address, as I frankly don't have a clue where in the memory
> map they should go.
> Regards
> -- 
> Anders Carlsson
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       Message was sent through the cbm-hackers mailing list

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