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From: Anders Carlsson (
Date: 2007-03-29 00:07:09

On Wed, 28 Mar 2007, B Degnan wrote:

> The Plus/4 was the (or an) official computer of the Canadian Olympic
> team in 1984,

Yes, I've noticed that too. In COMPUTE! October 1984, there was an
article named "Commodore Prepares To Roll Out The Plus/4". Quote:

> Since announcing the Plus/4, Commodore has wavered about whether it
> will actually market the computer. As of this writing (mid-August),
> Commodore began shipping review units to major magazines and was
> preparing to launch a national advertising campaign October 8, so it
> appears Plus/4 will hit the shelves barely in time for the Christmas 
> season.

The Winter Olympics 1984 were held in Sarajevo, February 8-19.
The Summer Olympics 1984 were held in Los Angeles, July 28 - August 12.

It is quite odd if Commodore Canada had a Plus/4 to sell by February,
but in the US (and most other parts of the world) it was not released
until October the same year. Maybe the "Olympic Plus/4" actually was
released at the *end* of 1984, but as a commemorative item of the past
year's Winter Olympics?

In any case, it seems common knowledge that Commodore displayed the 264
on Winter CES in January 1984, and it would be a scoop bigger than mine
to have proof of a retail C16/116/232/264/364/whatever being sold at
Christmas 1983.

Anders Carlsson

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