eBay C232, RE: TED based motherboard

From: Bo Zimmerman (bo_at_zimmers.net)
Date: 2007-03-28 23:04:06

My understanding is that the boards were made in Japan.

But, off-topic, but on the subject of TEDs in general, there is a 232 up on
eBay: (do a search for Commodore C232).  The ad is full of hyperbole and
nonsense, including the stuff about the 264 not really existing as such
(I've SEEN one), but the thing that I found most interesting was that he
appears to be claiming that he is selling serial number 000007.  

The thing is...well, MINE is serial number AA4000007.

The pictures of the one on ebay includes one of the back.  It's blurry as
heck, but it almost appears that it MIGHT end in 00007, but it also appears
that it STARTs with AA5 ...

Does anyone know how the heck Commodore generated those numbers?  

- Bo

P.S. I'm emailed the seller, hoping he'll respond.  Meanwhile, I'm rushing
home as soon as I send this post to make sure my happy little 232 is not up
on eBay.

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Bil wrote:

> the C16 came out half a year after we released it to Japan.

What does that mean, that manufacturing took place in Japan, or was the
C16 or any of its predecessors sold there before it was released in the
Western world? By the way, exactly which models were ever released, and
when? As far as I know, only three models went into production: C16, C116
and Plus/4 in the summer of 1984. The 264, 364, 232 etc appear to be more of
prototypes, displayed around January 1984.

However on another forum, a while ago I had a discussion with an otherwise
very knowledgable gentleman (who perhaps is on this list? ;-) who claimed he
could buy any TED machine he wanted in Canadian stores all through the late
fall/Christmas of 1983. He was very insistent that he did not mistake it by
one year.

> See if they can post hi res including the bottom of the board, I 
> should be able to tell where it's from and recognize if that is my 
> handwriting on the ROMs.

Hopefully you forwarded the last set of image links.

Regarding if this is a repair shop experiment, the board looks very
professionally well made for being a hobbyist hack. Every component is even
labeled. Maybe hand written P19 means prototype run #19?


Anders Carlsson

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