RE: TED based motherboard

From: J Ellsworth (
Date: 2007-03-28 20:16:40

"So this thing was some half attempt at making the c16 before you got your
hands on it?  Wow.  Diodes to the key matrix!  Gotta love the 1mhz days.


Well the timeframe looks wrong for that, since it's an early TED chip and
the missing chip on the keyboard.  When I got to CBM there was no PCB and
the chip was still in design so no-one got it before me and the C16 came out
half a year after we released it to Japan.  This might be a prototyping
board that we used because we didn't have joystick connectors, etc.  See if
they can post hi res including the bottom of the board, I should be able to
tell where it's from and recognize if that is my handwriting on the ROMs.


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