RE: TED based motherboard (hi-res c116 for comparison)

From: J Ellsworth (
Date: 2007-03-28 00:07:42

I blasted off an email with a link to the picture to Bil Herd.  (I forgot to
send the email thread with details of the chips.)  This is what his reply

"Oww. your making my brain hurt.  At first I thought it was a C64CR type
thing but this looks like a member of the TED family, probably a C16.  It
has the standard joystick ports so its one of the later strange things like
the C16 that magically appeared.  The two resistors on the chip mark it as a
TED where the test mode pins were higher impedance than predicted by the
chip designers and a strong electric field would freeze the counters.  The
diodes near the keyboard connector also make it a TED, though there is a
chip missing from my last rev of it, this may be a non-production board (in
fact none with the resistors would have made the airwaves).  Since there are
only two chips that look like memory, it is probably 16Mb.

See you at VCF.

Hey Haynie, Russell, Ryan: This thing look familiar?"  

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>I have come across an unknown, TED based motherboard which I would 
>appreciate pointers about. It only has 14 chips, named as following:

I have never seen anything like it.  ...a prototype IMHO.  It could also be 
an internal shop hack/experiment.

I uploaded some hi-res pics of a c-116 motherboard for comparison.

I saw another here:


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