Re: TED based motherboard

From: Grósz Attila (
Date: 2007-03-27 12:39:59

Hi All,

In one word: "WOW" :)
Where did you get hold of this? Unbelievable.

From the ceramic chips I presume it's a prototype board.
Also, the TED is a 7360 and that one was AFAIK never
featured in production units (only the 8360s). The chip date
is also very early. All in all, an amazing gem!

The EPROM contents could be _very_ interesting... :-)


Anders Carlsson <> írta:

> Hello,
> Now that Ruud mentions it, those DB9 joystick ports and
the card-edge 
> cassette port don't really belong on a production TED
computer. I don't 
> quite understand how I can read the EPROMs from the
joystick port, or 
> perhaps I misunderstood Ruud. I understand I could lift
them to some other 
> device where I can dump 2764/27128 EPROMs.
> I looked around on the Internet and found some more
motherboard pictures, 
> but none that resembles this one. I assume the TED chip
really is supposed 
> to be there, so it is not just a random chip someone once
upon a time has 
> placed there...
> Regards
> -- 
> Anders Carlsson
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