Re: Schematics

From: André Fachat (
Date: 2007-03-25 15:56:38

> > What about Mike? Any other takers? 
> I prefer But I certainly don't mind hosting the libs myself. 
> We just have to agree on what libs to use: I have a connector library but 
> my Commodore library is filled with typical C= connectors. So ideas 
> regarding this aspect are welcome

> Big question: who will take care of the libraries? If no other volunteers,
> I'll take the job.

The first part would be to collect the libraries, then make up an
inventory which library contains which parts.
My "csa.lbr" contains not only 65xx parts, but quite some other
parts as well (e.g. bus-layout-optimized 'LS688 ICs and such).
I guess I would have to comment some parts as well :-)

Someone who knows Eagle better than me could then actually build
"standard" libraries out of the collection, like one lbr for 65xx ICs,
another one for connectors etc.


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