Re: A couple of PET drive problems...

From: Bryan Pope (
Date: 2007-03-21 00:53:21

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> > Is there a webpage that describes how to measure the I/O signals?
> > Do I need to use an oscilloscope or will a multimeter do?  Do I 
> > need some sort of breakout box?
> A multimeter will do nicely with static signals. A logic probe 
> can help as well. Especially if the computer "hangs" then
> there should not be much activity on the bus.
> On somewhere there is a BASIC implementation of the
> IEEE488 protocol for the PET, that you could stop in any place
> of the protocol (watch the timeouts though) to monitor the state
> of the bus.

	I will try this too once I get the logic probe..  Maybe I 
will also learn how the IEEE-488 protocol works once I see the 
signals in action! :)



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