Re: A couple of PET drive problems...

From: Bryan Pope (
Date: 2007-03-20 23:33:50

And thusly were the wise words spake by Ethan Dicks
> On 3/20/07, Jack Rubin <> wrote:
> > You can also butt smaller sockets together - e.g. a 6 and a 12 - to create an 18 pin socket. It's a lot neater than chopping off the ends  ;>)
> Absolutely - I've done it when I needed 28-pin "skinny-DIP" sockets (2
> x 14 pin).  I think, though, that given the sizes that Unicorn
> Electronics has on hand that you won't find a pair of sockets that
> will do the trick without reducing them - of course, you could take an
> 8-pin and turn it into a 6-pin and a 14-pin into a 12-pin, then put
> the cut sides facing each other... that wouldn't look so bad.  I've
> also extracted naked pins, stuck them on the bottom of another, whole,
> socket, then soldered in the bare pins.  It works electrically, but
> you lose the mechanical stability of the socket frame.

Thanks for your suggestions, but I found an 18-pin machine tooled IC 
socket at Jameco:

(Jameco Part # 65585)



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