Nano syntax highlighting

From: Jesper (
Date: 2007-03-20 19:50:28


I've started tinkering with the Perl-based P65-assembler at work (since I'm 
(re)learning Perl and it gives me an excuse to code c64-stuff on working 
hours). I'm using Nano (on Linux) as an editor, which works fine except for 
the lack of 6502/6510 syntax highlighting.... Before I do it myself, I'm 
just wondering if anyone has a suitable xxx.nanorc-file that they want to 
share for c64 assembler sources?

I know there's a highlight definition file for Jed, and I think I seeing one 
for Emacs too, but none of those formats are very compatible with Nano, so 
it would in that case be easier to do it from scratch.


/ Jesper 

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