Re: Commodore on CeBIT

From: André Fachat (
Date: 2007-03-15 23:39:38

Actually they only showed C=-branded MP3-players (portable and settop-box) and navigation systems - mostly off in showcases, I've seen only two working portable MP3-players and one settop-box, but I did not stay long there (actually I looked for the Roboking robot competition, and found C= directly next to it). They also have a PET2001 and a C64+VC1541 on display in a showcase (switched off, no demo running....)
Didn't see any PCs.


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> > FYI, "Commodore Gaming" will be on the CeBIT fair in Hannover this
> march...
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> They are supposedly going to show off their C=-branded gaming PCs... 
> *yawn*
> Cheers,
> Bryan
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