Re: xa-2.3.2, dxa-0.1.2 released

From: André Fachat (
Date: 2007-02-03 21:21:42

I've had an assembly source file with messed up spaces/tabs,
and with lots of comments. Difficult to read if you have the
code like:

start lda #0; comment
sta dummy ; xxx
loop iny
bne loop; back to loop

This looks much better when it is "pretty-printed" like this
after by the assembler (or other tool):

start   lda #0       ; comment
        sta dummy    ; xxx
loop    iny
        bne loop     ; back to loop

Do you know the "recomment" utility? I used it to
disassemble and pretty-print the output (see
for example).

I think I remember that the original @ASS or other
assemblers running on the C64 itself output the formatted
listing that could be redirected to a file.

Well, just an idea from a problem I had lately.


> > Hm, I just had the need to "pretty-print" an assembly program (available
> > in source, with comments). If dxa and xa go together, maybe they could
> > be combined in a way that xa would use the same output routines, or
> > that xa would be able to produce and dxa would be able to read something
> > like recomment hint files.
> I'm not quite sure I follow. Give me an example :)

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