Re: xa-2.3.2, dxa-0.1.2 released

From: Cameron Kaiser (
Date: 2007-01-31 22:32:00

> > dxa-0.1.2 is a portable crossassembler based on Marko Makela's d65 package
> > featuring intelligent disassembly and multiple output options, including
> > support for undocumented instructions. 65816 instruction support is pending.
> > 0.1.2 corrects an occasional bug with relative addressing and an output bug
> > with back-to-back label formatting. dxa should still be considered alpha.
> Thanks again for reviving this program.  I designed it in 1992 or 1993
> and implemented it mostly in 1994.  I wanted to finish it some day, but
> it worked well enough for my needs, and I got other projects on the way.

I found it was easy to hack for my purposes, so I just went ahead and
released my "hacked" version to fill the gap in the xa suite (i.e., a
companion disassembler). I intend that as a compliment on your easy to
understand and modify code :)

> One thing that I wanted to implement an optional cross-reference.  Next
> to each label, there would be a comment listing all routines jumping
> to or accessing the address.  This might work best as hyperlinks in
> HTML-formatted output.  (Naturally, also each label reference in the
> HTML output would be a hyperlink to the definition of that label.)
> You'd probably want to generate two kinds of labels: global (targets of
> jump tables or jsr instructions, or user-specified) and local.  The
> routines in the cross-reference would be best identified by the preceding
> global label.

That's an intriguing idea. Although my first and biggest goal is to get
65816 support working for orthogonality, that sounds quite useful and I'll
add that to my to-do-after list.

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