xa-2.3.2, dxa-0.1.2 released

From: Cameron Kaiser (spectre_at_floodgap.com)
Date: 2007-01-31 20:03:53

xa-2.3.2, the current version of the xa65 assembler package has been released
along with dxa-0.1.2, the current version of its companion disassembler.

xa is a 6502/R65C02/65816 crossassembler in portable C featuring a built-in
preprocessor, rich instruction and pseudo-op expression syntax, and built-in
o65 relocatable object support. 2.3.2 adds:

- character set translation for quoted strings (such as ASCII->PETSCII)
- proper recursive macro evaluation
- groks cpp(1) line tags automatically
- multiple bug fixes
- updated documentation

See the changelog for a complete listing.

dxa-0.1.2 is a portable crossassembler based on Marko Makela's d65 package
featuring intelligent disassembly and multiple output options, including
support for undocumented instructions. 65816 instruction support is pending.
0.1.2 corrects an occasional bug with relative addressing and an output bug
with back-to-back label formatting. dxa should still be considered alpha.

Suggestions and bug reports always welcome. Both programs are released
under the GNU Public License.


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