Re: Version control systems (Re: Renewed my site)
Date: 2007-01-13 16:12:51

On 2007-01-12, at 17:50, Ullrich von Bassewitz wrote:

> I'm using CVS for private/business projects for more than 10 years  
> now, and
> I've checked in stuff that is even older than that. So the repository
> documents my own programming history, and I would really regret  
> loosing it.
> Some day, when I'm an old man with a white beard, I'm going to show  
> it to my
> grandchildren and say "Look here, this is how your grandfather started
> hacking":-)

Of course! :-) Our (and mine) old CVS repositories are still  
preserved. It's just that they've been archived and taken off-line.

> cvs2svn, as mentioned by Marko, sounds like a possible solution,  
> and I will
> have a look at it once I have some spare time.
> BTW: We are using TortoiseSVN in the company to access the subversion
> repository. Unfortunately it is a Windows only client, but apart  
> from that it
> is really great. Even I - as a dedicated command line hacker - have  
> to admit
> that. Windows users may want to give it a try.

Partially similar thing is available for OS X. But I use it actually  
only to have an eye-candy and occasional alert when browsing file  
trees that something is in an unexpected state (forgot to commit?).  
Normally it's all command line here.

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