Re: Indus GT drive

From: Ethan Dicks (
Date: 2007-01-11 18:49:11

On 1/11/07, RayBryan <> wrote:
> Eproms on the Indus board - 2) Intel2764 U17,U18 each rev1.1; 1 AMD
> am2764 U19 V1.1

So a total of 24K of ROM...

> there is a static RAM SY2128L-4 (is that a 32K? -
> 2x128 bits? that would be huge compared to 1541 with 2K of Ram)

Nope.. those are 2Kbyte 2Kx8 chips.

>  There are 2 chips   4114R-001-331*B  c8618
> Yellow plastic package 14 pin dip  - I do not recognize these

Sounds like a 330Ohm DIP resistor pack.


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