RE: 251101-01 Kernal ROM chip for SX-64 (UD3)

From: B. Degnan (
Date: 2007-01-10 04:27:05

...Thanks to everyone who replied.  I am happy to use a regular C64 ROM.  I 
have a 901227-02 / 1383 that should do the trick.  There is a 901227-03 on 
Ebay right now for $8 + shipping.  I will try the 02 first, and see how it 

I only have one spare ( I assume working) NTSC 6560, but it's part of a 
clock I made out of a VIC-20 and all of the rest of my VIC-20's work.


At 09:12 AM 1/9/2007 +0100, you wrote:
>Hallo Bill,
> > Does anyone have a spare 251104-01 or the equivalent for
> > trade/sale?
>As the SX itself is rare IMHO, a spare ROM certainly will be. As Rolf 
>already mentioned, a normal C64 ROM should work as well. A third solution 
>is a 28-pins EPROM like the 2764 (or higher) plus a convertor socket. Last 
>solution: I can burn you a Motorola 68674 (???), the EPROM version of the 
>2364. In that case you can plug this EPROM directly in the original socket.
>As a trade I'm looking for the 6560, the NTSC-version of VIC-20 video 
>chip. I have no idea if this chip is hard to find. If you cannot find it, 
>a 6567 will do as well as I can use a spare for my US equipment.

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