YIG DOS V2.1 1984 - Apparent MSD clone

From: Craig Taylor (ctalkobt_at_gmail.com)
Date: 2007-01-08 05:32:19

I've just received (off Ebay) a MSD clone with the normal C=64 serial
ports (non-iEeE) which reports YIG DOS V2.1 1984 off of the power-on

Does anyone have any additional information on this drive? The drive
mechanism itself and the board / power supply from briefly looking
inside look much more simplified than the 1541 but I didn't have the
boar dwhere I could really take a look at the processors.

For pictures, see Ebay auction #: 260066504215.

If needed, I can also try to run the ROM dump program recently and
send those off to whomever is interested.

- Craig Taylor

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