Re: Old PET/CBM documentation

From: Anders Carlsson (
Date: 2007-01-04 10:38:53


>> 4. "Commodore 500/600/700 Series User's Guide", second edition (!).
> I'm interested !!!

I've raw scanned 1/3 of the book. Maybe I'll get to continue the
effort in the weekend. Once I figured I can scan a whole spread
as landscape A4 instead of scanning each page as portrait A5 (and
the scanner automatically rotates pages into correct orientation)
it is much faster to scan.

The OCR software (OmniPage 4.0 SE) is fairly good at retaining text
layout, fonts and colours (!) where appropriate. It does a poor job
on C= keyboard symbols though, those have to be imported as images
into the document. Of course the same goes for other illustrations.
The software automatically retains some images, but tries to convert
others to text: i.e. the illustration of a 600 was left untouched,
while similar illustrations of a 500 and 700 were mangled by OCR.

Anders Carlsson

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