Re: Old PET/CBM documentation (was: "Quad-Density" disks)

From: echorny (
Date: 2006-12-31 03:47:25

On Fr. 2006-12-29 20:48, Anders Carlsson wrote -

> On Fri 2006-12-29 11:02, B Degnan wrote:
>> I don't believe that CBM diskettes have the TPI printed on the labels.
> I have the 8250 Test/Demo disk, and indeed it says "100TPI 2S" at the
> end of the label. I also have the 8296 System Disk. It has a custom
> label, but the underlying label is a Commodore one that says "100 tpi".

I have the original SFD-1001 Test/Demo disk - on the Commodore label it does
say "100TPI 2S" as does the 8250 disk mentioned above.

Ernie Chorny

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