updates to the Floodgap KIM-1 site

From: Cameron Kaiser (spectre_at_floodgap.com)
Date: 2006-12-28 08:15:53

I have made updates to my KIM-1 site, including a new version of the
KIMplement KIM-1 emulator for the 64.

The new site includes a "FAQ"-style introduction to the KIM-1 with an overview
of options, software, hardware and emulation, along with a large link list to
document archives, software archives, hardware vendors and collector's sites.

In addition, the redesign also introduces version 0.2 of the KIMplement, a
true partial emulation of the KIM-1 running on the 64 (and no, this is not a
joke). KIMplement 0.2 supports:

- fully virtualized NMOS 6502 emulation with virtualized ROM and RAM access
and all documented instructions (no undocumented instructions on purpose)
- LED, keypad and SST emulation through partial RIOT emulation
- TTY emulation (using a simulated TTY modeled on the ASR-33) through partial
RIOT emulation
- KIM-4 emulation (16K addressable using emulated 4K and 8K cards)
- Load/save RAM to disk
- Built-in Revision E ROMs

This new version adds an extra 8K above $2000, fixes bugs with saving memory
to disk, improves emulation speed by overall ~25%, fixes glitches with the
TTY and makes the simulation more consistent, adds a disk wedge, adds the
ability to load binaries without starting addresses, and is precrunched to
half the size.

This is now compatible enough and offers enough RAM to run Tiny BASIC -- see
the screen shots. It's slow, yes, but it works! Other sample programs from
The First Book of KIM are also offered.

Naturally, it will run on any modern emulator, including VICE and Power64.

Please let me know your comments and suggestions.


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