Need "Quad-Density" disks?

From: Andrew Wiskow (
Date: 2006-12-23 18:25:24

I've seen many, many posts on various forums and
websites about how rare "quad-density" disks are. 
This name is a bit mis-leading, as they are actually
Double-Sided, Double-Density, 96TPI, as opposed to the
Double-Sided, Double-Density, 48TPI disks that most of
us use with our Commodore computers.

ANYWAY...  As some of you may or may not know, there
is a company called Athana that still manufactures new
5.25" disks (and even 8" disks!).  As it turns out,
they even manufacture these supposedly rare DSDD 96TPI
(or "quad density") disks!  I have an SFD-1001 drive
on its way to me, which is designed to be used with
these disks, so I recently placed an order for a
couple boxes of these disks, as well as some boxes of
the 48TPI disks to replace aging ones I already own. 
Two days later, the disks arrived at my door! 
Granted, I live close to where the company is located,
in the Los Angeles area, so it may take a longer for
others to receive their orders.

I just thought that owners of SFD-1001's or other
drives that use these so-called "quad-density" disks
would like to know that they're not so rare after all,
and that there's still a company that's manufacturing
them.  For more info on just what varieties of disks
they have, check out this page:

For both 48TPI and 96TPI varieties of 5.25" disks,
they charge $7.95 per box of 10 when you order 2-4
boxes.  They give discounts for orders of 5 or more
boxes.  Their toll-free phone number is on the website
(this may not be toll-free from other countries),
which is the best way to get more info on pricing. 
There is also an e-mail address there that you can
write to for more info.


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