Re: 8296-D switching power supply

From: Anders Carlsson (
Date: 2006-12-20 08:32:16


> anyone here has the schematics of the 8296-D "switching power supply"?

In case you remember, I posted earlier this year about a partly broken
8296-D (the one that emitted only garbage on screen). I replaced the
6545 chip and got it to work, except for the internal drives that had
been damaged in the process of swapping parts.

A few weeks ago when I tried to power it on: nothing! No chirp at all.
Yesterday I tried again, and once got it to chirp and display a few
random characters on screen, but upon more attempts no signs of life.

I don't know enough about electronics to analyse the fault, in particular
as it went from fully working to stone dead just by sitting on the floor
for a few weeks. Perhaps I can acquire another partly broken 8296-D in
the spring and use it to exchange parts, or otherwise I might consider
this one beyond repair. In that case, I could remove the power supply,
which I presume is still OK because the drive logic board powers on OK.

Anders Carlsson

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