82s100 to 27c512 adapter

From: André Fachat (afachat_at_gmx.de)
Date: 2006-12-17 23:37:22


I am in the process of fixing a 8296, and found a dead UE5 PLA - now I wanted to build a 27c521 adapter for it, but the only "standard" adapter seems to be the one by Jens Schönfeld mentioned e.g.

However, I could not find an explicit schematics or pinout description of this adapter. The only thing reasonable I found was on 
but is this the correct one?

Can anyone please send/point me to this info? (and/or put that on the CBM archive as well?)

Many thanks, 

P.S.: I have managed to build a working coprocessor board for my CS/A computer :-) I only wait for Mike to publish it to the web, but he seems pretty busy.

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