Re: VIC-1541 problem

From: Andrew Wiskow (
Date: 2006-12-12 22:06:10

--- Marko Mäkelä <> escreveu:

> You could try replacing the chips connected to the
> serial interface.
> They could be slightly damaged in such a way that
> they are putting
> more load on the serial lines.
> For more information, see the service manual
> and the (slightly unreadable) schematic diagram for
> the long board:
> I'd replace the UC1 (74LS14) and UD1 (7406).  The
> newer (short) board
> has similar inverters near the serial bus.  I don't
> know of the 1541-II;
> it might have these integrated in a big ASIC.

I did try replacing the chip labeled as UAB1 on the
board. UC1 and UD1 are the two small chips right
"below" UAB1 if you're looking at the board from the
drive opening.  They're non-socketed chips.  I think
I'm probably better off just keeping this drive around
as a large paper weight (and future use for spare
parts) and getting a replacement rather than fix it. 
Thanks anyway for your help though!


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